Petrana(tm) Audio Mailer Product Description


Petrana(tm) Audio Mailer Product Description



Succeed by uniting the impact of speech with the power of e-mail.

  • Make your message convincing.
  • Eliminate ambiguity.
  • Express your feelings.
  • Communicate faster and easier than typing.

Use the Petrana Audio Mailer to:

  • Make a sale.
  • Build a relationship.
  • Earn a promotion.
  • Solve a problem.

The impact of the spoken word often makes the difference between success and failure.

The Petrana Audio Mailer is an innovative audio messaging system with automated file attachment. The program records your voice, creates an e-mail with the recording attached in MP3 format, plays back the recording, and sends the e-mail via Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express using four spoken commands, button clicks, or keystrokes.


Key Features

o Send your voice anywhere, anytime by e-mail using four simple spoken commands. Run the Petrana Audio Mailer program using voice commands as well as keystrokes or button clicking.

o Automatically create an audio mail, an e-mail message with an audio attachment in the widely supported MP3 format in one easy step. The audio mail message automatically includes an explanatory text message with an optional approximate transcription of the recorded message for text search purposes. This program is not intended for transcription documentation of the recorded message.

o Play back the recording before sending with a single spoken command, button click, or keystroke.

o The Petrana Audio Mailer runs silently in the background awaiting your command. The Petrana Audio Mailer control panel appears while recording and returns to the background when finished.

o Issue the spoken commands from within the e-mail program. No need to bring up a separate sound recorder program.

o Additional advanced features such as optional approximate transcription.


Who Will Benefit

o People who need the persuasiveness and clarity of the spoken word integrated with the power of e-mail: Salesmen, project managers, and other business people. Friends, family, and loved ones. No more LOL, :-), :-(, or other goofy icons.

o People who cannot type, have difficulty typing, type slowly or who are simply tired of typing but would like to communicate by e-mail.

o People who need to make sure the recipient will hear the tone they intended. You may think you sounded like Patton. They heard Caspar Milquetoast. With Audio Mail, you can listen to what you say before you send it.

o People who need more time to think about what they say before they say it than during many in-person or telephone conversations where there is often pressure to respond quickly.

o People who need to reduce or eliminate the time spent on telephone calls, telephone conference calls, and video conferences.

o People who need to communicate with associates in different time zones. A voice message has more impact even when recorded twelve hours earlier.

o People who need to improve their speaking skills. With Audio Mail, every e-mail message is an opportunity to hear what you sound like and learn to speak better.


Unique Benefits of the Petrana Audio Mailer

o The Petrana Audio Mailer offers the impact of speech with the power of e-mail. Recorded speech is clearer than LOL, :-), :-(, or the other goofy icons of text e-mail. You can benefit from the pivotal impact of the spoken word without having to schedule everyone at the same time for a telephone call, telephone conference call or videoconference.

o The Petrana Audio Mailer enables you to playback and listen to what you say before you send it. With telephone, most telephone voice mail systems, and in-person speech, you cannot listen to what you say before you say or send it.

o The Petrana Audio Mailer makes sending an audio mail as easy as using a telephone or sending a text e-mail. It is faster and easier than stand-alone sound recorder programs. The Petrana Audio Mailer is fully integrated with your e-mail program for fast, easy, intuitive use. With a standalone sound recorder program, you must:

     o Bring up the sound recorder program.
     o Click to record.
     o Click to stop recording.
     o Click to replay.
     o Save the audio recording to a file.
     o Switch back to your e-mail program.
     o Create a new mail message.
     o Attach the saved audio file.
     o Edit the text message. (The Petrana Audio Mailer generates an explanatory text message automatically.)
     o Finally send the e-mail message with the audio attachment.

o The Petrana Audio Mailer is faster and easier to use than dictation programs because it does not require correction of the frequent speech recognition errors or learning and remembering a complex set of spoken commands. The Petrana Audio Mailer retains the greater impact of speech unlike dictation programs.

o Send your voice anywhere, anytime by e-mail using four simple spoken commands. E-Mail is everywhere unlike Voice Over IP (VOIP), videoconferencing, and other advanced communication technologies.


Getting Started

Download and install the Petrana Audio Mailer from the Petrana web site

See the Petrana Audio Mailer Installation Instructions for more detailed information on installing the program.

The full benefits of the Petrana Audio Mailer require using the spoken commands. The Petrana Audio Mailer also includes hotkeys and button click equivalents for all spoken commands. These may be used if the speech recognition is not preferred or cannot be used.

NOTE: The Petrana Audio Mailer uses Microsoft Speech speech recognition and will install MS Speech 5 automatically if MS Speech is not installed on your computer. You will need to train Microsoft Speech to use the Petrana Audio Mailer with the best performance. A "Petrana Train Microsoft Speech" button and spoken command is provided. Most users will need to train Microsoft Speech three times (3X) by reciting three different MS Speech training passages. This usually takes about 20-25 minutes. Additional training may be required in some cases.

The "Petrana Help" spoken command and button bring up a detailed help file. This is the same help file displayed during the installation.


System Requirements

275 MHz CPU (or higher)
60 MB free disk space (mostly for Microsoft Speech 5 related files)
Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher)
Voice Recognition Quality Microphone, Speakers, or Headset
Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook E-Mail Program

Outlook Express 6 is available free for download -- usually bundled with Internet Explorer -- at the Microsoft Web site. Microsoft Outlook is usually part of Microsoft Office and is also sold separately.

The MP3 audio files are encoded at 32 Kpbs (Kilobits per second). The program can be used with most dial-up Internet connections and nearly all broadband Internet connections.


Petrana created by John F. McGowan, Ph.D.

For more information

Please send questions or comments to

Copyright 2007 GFT Group Inc.


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