Petrana Audio Mailer Installation Instructions


Petrana Audio Mailer Installation Instructions


Download and install the Petrana Audio Mailer from the Petrana web site

Please note: the Petrana Audio Mailer should be installed and run on Windows XP from a Computer administrator account. It will neither install correctly nor run correctly from a Limited Account. You can determine the type of a user account on Windows XP by bringing up the Windows Control Panel (Start | Control Panel) and double clicking on the User Accounts icon to launch the User Accounts control applet. The User Accounts control applet will display a list of user accounts. Underneath each account name is the account type such as:

Petrana Test Account
Computer administrator

The Petrana Audio Mailer version 1.2 (current as of April 2007) will not run on Windows Vista. Please use Windows XP. Windows Vista support is under development.

Click on the Petrana Audio Mailer installation link. Then click "RUN" to run or "SAVE" to download and run the Petrana Audio Mailer installation file: Petrana_Audio_Mailer.msi

Follow the prompts from the installer. The help file displayed during installation is the same help file that can be displayed by clicking the "Help" button in the upper right corner, Typing Alt-H, or saying "Petrana Help" when spoken
commands are enabled. The installer also installs a shortcut to this help file on your desktop.

Petrana can be operated entirely by clicking her buttons with the mouse or by keyboard shorcuts.
In most cases, new users should start by using button clicks or keystrokes. Petrana also supports
spoken commands such as "Petrana Record" which require additional setup. In most cases, new
users should wait until they are comfortable with Petrana before activating the spoken commands.
By default, spoken commands are disblaed when Petrana is first installed.

NOTE: The Petrana Audio Mailer uses Microsoft Speech speech recognition and will install MS Speech 5 automatically if MS Speech is not installed on your computer. You will need to train Microsoft Speech to use the Petrana Audio Mailer with the best performance. A "Train Microsoft Speech" button and "Petrana Train Microsoft Speech" spoken command is provided. Most users will need to train Microsoft Speech three times (3X) by reciting three different MS Speech training passages. This usually takes about 20-25 minutes. Additional training may be required in some cases.

Speech recognition makes heavy use of computer resources. The computer hard drive should be defragmented if required and the computer rebooted if Windows needs rebooting for optimal performance. The performance of Windows tends to degrade as time elapses after a reboot. The Petrana Audio Mailer will show the effects of Windows declining performance sooner than other programs that require fewer computer resources. For this reason, it is usually best to defragment your hard drive if needed and reboot your computer before installing and first trying the Petrana Audio Mailer.

More detailed information on activating and using the spoken commands may be found in the Help file. Click on the "Help"
button in the upper right corner or Type Alt-H to bring up the detailed help. Say "Petrana Help" to bring up the help
file when spoken commands are enabled.

System Requirements

275 MHz CPU (or higher)
60 MB free disk space (mostly for Microsoft Speech 5 related files)
Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher)
Voice Recognition Quality Microphone, Speakers, or Headset
Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook E-Mail Program

Outlook Express 6 is available free for download -- usually bundled with Internet Explorer -- at the Microsoft Web site. Microsoft Outlook is usually part of Microsoft Office and is also sold separately.

The MP3 audio files are encoded at 32 Kpbs (Kilobits per second). The program can be used with most dial-up Internet connections and nearly all broadband Internet connections.


Petrana created by John F. McGowan, Ph.D.

For more information

Please send questions or comments to

Copyright 2007 GFT Group Inc.


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